A39 The Maison

Accademia 39 occupies the whole second floor of the Caruso building built in the mid-18 centuries. The interior showcases natural elements such as tuff, stones and woods. The beams of the ceiling, wallpaper from London, vintage pieces like the original lamps of the 50’s.
The buffet table, fireplace and bookshelves are exclusively designed by Emblema Opificio. The old pavement in the kitchen has been restored by the owner to depict a story from the past. Complimentary WIFI is offered throughout the guesthouse and new technologies are provided for more comfort and home vibe.

design 4 living

Accademia 39 boasts unique décor in its six well-appointed rooms. Our designers and decorators followed a classic Mediterranean approach with a trace of Metropolitan and Cosmopolitan, a combination of luxury, beauty and elegance.


The house is decorated following the distinctive aesthetic taste of the owner.The guesthouse showcases a contemporary design, bold mixtures of materials and vibrant with a touch of indigenous art pieces. The decorations were selected to stage an original palate as while being inspired by the leading artists of Neapolitan handcrafts, contemporary and conceptual arts.

cosy spaces the kitchen

Cozy spaces, Mediterranean hues, natural materials, aromatic scent of herbs, the sunlight coming through the terrace which illuminates the space are just some of the beautiful elements that makes the kitchen Accademia39 a warm, cozy and inviting place. The traditional flavors are enriched with ethnic influences and international cuisine which can be tasted from our home made breakfast.
Accademia39 is a great choice for a winter experience most especially during Christmas season where Sorrento is illuminated by thousands of sparkling and dazzling lights. Truly a magnificent venue for special occasions, family reunions, business meetings or an intimate and relaxing time with the one you love.